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IU Alum now prominent writer

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Published: Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Updated: Monday, October 24, 2011 18:10

Author David Bell at IU South Bend on October 13 Courtesy of

Courtesy of:

Author David Bell at IU South Bend on October 13.

David Bell signing books. Courtesy of

Courtesy of:

David Bell signing books.

IU South Bend prides itself on producing successful graduates who exceed expectations.  If they judge themselves on the likes of David Bell, they have accomplished their mission.  Bell is a former English major of IU who is an author of three novels including his most recent, "Cemetery Girl." Bell recently came to IUSB on Thursday, October 13 to do a reading and book signing as well as a question and answer session sponsored by the English Club. This was the latest event in the Creative Writing Program's Author Series.

"Cemetery Girl"is based on a family whose twelve-year-old daughter goes missing without a trace and the family is torn apart.  When Bell was asked if his stories reflected his own life, he said, "There are always pieces of my own life in the stories but not in any recognizable way.  I don't write autobiographical stuff, but all writers put pieces of their own selves into their work."

Bell was interested in writing at a young age. He said, "I always loved to read.  I grew up in a house full of books, so it was a natural progression to decide to write my own stories and try to create the kinds of books I loved to read."  Bell's inspiration comes from many things but mostly he said, "Everything and everything can provide inspiration.  Things I read, things I overhear, things I make up in my own brain."

The family in "Cemetery Girl" may be different from a traditional family structure but, as Bell puts it, "Of course my family is nothing like this one, but some of the emotions are the same."

Before Bell became an author, he was a delivery driver. He said, "being a delivery driver was a great job because I was able to work alone.  I could drive around all day lost in my own thoughts.  As a writer, I get to work alone and explore my own thoughts- just not behind the wheel of a van."

For more information on Bell and his work, go to To learn more about IUSB's Creative Writing Program's Author Series visit

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